The Friday Bar

10 Oct

Today is Friday. So I thought it appropriate that this post investigate the Friday Bar (Fredagsbar), a time-honored tradition found at universities throughout the Danish Realm. It brings the Danes together around two national past-times: drinking beer and enjoying each other’s company. While the details vary from Friday to Friday, every academic department (or faculty, as the Danes call them) on campus will host a Friday bar in some sort of department common space, such as a dining hall (kantine), a study hall, a faculty lounge, or even under a tent – which is just as likely to be pitched inside as outside, as you will see below. Some are causal afternoon drinking affairs; others are night-long dance parties; still others stipulate themes, host Foosball tournaments, or encourage drinking competitions of all sorts. This naturally leads to Friday bar-hopping, an action aided by the absence of restrictions on drinking in public (you read that right my fellow Americans – in the land of Carlsberg, it’s basically BYOB anywhere, anytime). While food offerings, beer selection and price, professor attendance, and entry requirements differ from bar to bar, you can always count on meeting new friends. This is because the Friday bar offers the normally unexcitable and tough-to-meet Danes a chance to open up, unwind, and let loose after a long week.

Århus proudly hosts “Denmark’s Largest Friday Bar” every September just as classes get underway. Thousands of students take to the campus lawns for an afternoon of beer bowling (for which students train year-round), volleyball and picnicking, followed by an evening of concerts and likely an excursion downtown to some of the local establishments. What better way to get introduced to the university, eh? Enjoy the pictures below!

*Please note that the views and information presented in this blog are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Fulbright Program, the Danish-American Fulbright Commission, or the U.S. State Department.

IMG_20140912_154733155_HDR IMG_20140912_180412144 IMG_20140912_180424428_HDR IMG_20140912_223824705

A view from outside the Physics Friday Bar:

IMG_20140926_194108982 IMG_20140926_203318701 IMG_20140926_203342723 IMG_20140926_203350544

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